photo: wikimedia
photo: wikimedia

This particular example is enough to really scramble anyone’s head if given enough thought, as Phobophobia is… yes you guessed it right… the phobia of having a phobia. The irrational fear of having an irrational fear is an irrational fear in its own right. Therefore, those who have an irrational fear of having an irrational fear will be having their irrational fear realized on a daily basis! Confused? Think of how those poor people must feel!



Fear of yellow, Spongebob Squarepants
By Tomas Castelazo (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons, edited by Alistgator.com

There is a marked difference between having your own heated opinions on tastes and styles and truly fearing those not to your liking, as illustrated by Xanthophobia – the fear of the color yellow. This is another example of a phobia that appears to be rather amusing and less than colossally serious, though when considering just how much yellow there is in the world, facing your fear becomes a daily inevitability. Again, just try a day without encountering yellow. Welcome to the world of the Xanthophobe!



Fear of hair - one of the most weird phobias there are
By Vive la RosièreOwn work, CC BY-SA 3.0

Trichophobia refers to an uncontrollable fear or perhaps abject and insatiable disgust of loose and shed hairs, both in the case of the sufferer and each and every other person/animal around. Suffice to say that such households are not what could be called pet-friendly by any stretch of the imagination, but banning all furry friends represents the very tip of a much more complex iceberg. Imagine the thought of vomiting at the sight of a hairbrush, wanting to cry when standing close to a person with a hair on their collar or losing sleep for days at the sight of a hair in food…



Turophobia - Irrational Fear of Cheese
photo synthesis: Alistgator.com with images from Pixabay.com & Wikimedia

While most of us the world over will like nothing more than stuffing our faces with the calorific and cholesterol-unfriendly treat in all its glory, others can think of nothing worse. In fact, some are so incredibly consumed by the very notion of cheese and all things cheesy that they are in fact classed as Turophobic – the official moniker for an irrational fear of cheese. So, the question of severity si, in this case, debatable. As it is not entirely unthinkable to go a day, week or even a lifetime without coming face-to-face with a steaming plate of Brie.

On the other hand, when thinking how much these poor people will be missing out on in their culinary escapades, they surely must be worth a little consideration at least.



Nomophobia - Of All Phobias That Exist, This Is One Modern Man Can Resonate With
By Rico Shen, CC BY-SA 3.0

Finally, perhaps most unbelievably of all and a true product of the 21st century if ever there was one, Nomophobia is the official title handed to those who cannot bare the thought of being out of reach/contact by way of mobile phone.

A recent study carried out by a top UK research firm concluded that well over 50% of all mobile users today feel somewhat anxious and entirely uncomfortable when for one reason or another they cannot use their mobile phone. Whether through loss, battery issues, depleted credit or anything else of a similar nature, some are so massively and irrationally panic stricken that they have indeed been branded as officially Nomophobic.

Arguments as to the nature and severity of the condition are of course welcome, but there is little denying that of all in the archives today, this has to be the most disappointing and frankly embarrassing for the western world as a whole to say the least.


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