There will always be thousands of rather smug and downright irritating individuals out there who seem for one reason or another to be impervious to alcohol, but for the rest of us, the hangover is the immense pain that will always follow alcohol-related pleasure. Hangover cures and home remedies are so sought after because even a relatively mild hangover can cause searing pain and suffering. Let’s face it, if we woke up in any regular morning and had the same symptoms as a biblical hangover, we’d most likely call for immediate emergency medical attention, right? Hangovers can be about as unpleasant as any affliction most of us will endure on a regular basis, therefore in light of a million and one tired, cliché and downright ineffective cures on the web today, here is a top ten that might just work… for some… maybe..


Fight Fire with Fire

In A Really Hot Sauna - One Of The Most Well-Known Hangover Cures in Russia
By Therme Erding – Therme Erding, CC BY-SA 3.0 de

Thousands of examples of “tried and tested” hangover cures involve the principle of fighting fire with fire, both in an external capacity. In many parts of Eastern Europe and across the Far East, consuming the spiciest soups and stews possible is sworn by as the perfect way of sweating out toxins from the inside. In a similar vein, Russians flock to skin-searing saunas to produce the same effect – in some instances being held at a rather difficult to endure 190°F.


Not Pickled Enough?

Variety of Pickled Foods To Treat Hangovers
By MaciarkaOwn work, CC BY-SA 3.0

Cultures all over the world have long believed that the perfect way of putting your pickled constitution back on track is to introduce a world of pickled goodies into the mix. Explanations abound but the key is said to lie in the way in which pickled products encourage water drinking and provide electrolytes – both of which are essential for curing a hangover. From chomping pickled herring to guzzling down the pickle juice itself, those with a strong enough stomach could find their answer here.


Calorie Bomb

Calorie Bomb!
By jeffreyw (Mmm… hamburgerUploaded by Fæ) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Everyone has their own perfect hangover meal or snack to help put things back on track, whether it happens to be a fried breakfast, massive greasy burger or the rest of the kebab/pizza from last night. However, what all examples have in common is a massive dose of fat, salt, sugar and calories – all of which a hung-over body is craving. As such there are no right or wrongs and it is instead a matter of personal tastes – the ancient Romans having been known to favor deep-fried canary. Disgusting you say? No more so that the thousands of tons of MSG-rich fried poultry we quaff every day!



Two Elephants Having a Good Time
Elephant Berlin Zoo having Sex“ by UrLunkwillAischenes Weag. [CC BY-SA 3.0 de] via Wikimedia Commons.

Yes, “any excuse” will no doubt be the cry of millions, but the simple fact of the matter is that sex can be an excellent way of starting off the morning after. Or maybe making the afternoon a little more bearable. The reason for this is nothing more complicated than the way in which sex is such an excellent exercise without feeling like exercise, therefore, serving as the perfect alternative to the hangover-job nobody ever actually goes through with.


Feeling like S***?

Feces - one of the weirdest hangover home remedies
By Krzysztof Maria Różański, (Upior polnocy) (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Please read carefully through all available information and side effects before considering trying this one out at home, but according to countless records and indeed the accounts of thousands today, cowboys used to remedy their over-indulgence with the whiskey by making tea with rabbit droppings. No real medical explanation here but the practice was so common it was in fact included in a scene from Brokeback Mountain – though never made it to the final cut.


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