For a long time, it was believed that the field of hottest hunks was a preserve of the entertainment industry with the movies, modeling and even music dominating the issue. Sports was considered to be a backwater of sweat and dirt but that stereotype is waning and today sports, be it football, baseball, soccer, tennis, watersport or even motorsports is home to some of the sexiest hunks in the world. While the aggression, desire, and will to win may take precedence to them, the rest of us do not fail to notice their articulate, stunning and great bodies. The men discussed below are trail blazers and the reason behind the burgeoning number of female sports fans. A pretty face and a big paycheck alone will not get you into this list. The following is the top ten list of sports hunks in the world today.


Ryan Lochte

Ryan Lochte
photo by nrcphotos [CC BY 2.0], via Flickr

Ryan, a United States native, has a rich repertoire of swimming achievements which include Olympic gold medals as well as multiple world swimming records. But the ace in the pack is his great structured body and cultured looks that remind one of the British Hollywood actors of days gone by. He probably did not have a choice but to have a great body as Olympic athletes have to be super fit for success. The fact that he is also a decent and nice guy is another tick in the box. So if you are not a swimming fanatic, which is most probably the case, you should at the very least watch it only to see this dashing hunk take to the waters.


Fredrick Ljunberg

Fredrick Ljunberg, Calvin Klein Model & Footballer
Fredrick Ljunberg

Fredrick Ljunberg is a Swedish footballer who brings in Scandinavian flavor to this list. Freddy is more famed for his footballing prowess, but for the fashionistas, the most distinguishing feature about him is his chiseled and pinup face. No doubt his look is made for the movies, especially action movies. It is this look as well as an athletic body that drew in Calvin Klein to enlist him for advertisement. Now plying his trade in the United States Major League Soccer, who knows he might just end up in Hollywood.


Jenson Button

Jenson Button
photo via

Jenson is an English cool head in a grueling sport that is the Formula One where tempers flare just as first as the cars. Jensen is not just a good looking stud but he also knows his stuff and remains one of the most successful exponents of formula one today. There is something sexy about motorized sports that draw in women and matters are further helped by dashing hunks like Button. Among his most outstanding attributes are his women smile, looks as well as the fact that he is a gentleman, a definite asset in an industry in dire need of them. Maybe he cannot help it as anyone speeding in a Formula One race track will look hot.


Andy Roddick

Andy Roddick in Japan, Open Tennis 2010
By angelicalbite (10/10/03 16:29:34) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Great boyish looks, athletic body, muscular arms, smile as well as charm, this tennis star definitely ticks all the boxes. The sport of tennis is not short of good looking men but few can rival the American. It’s little wonder that the 2003 US Open champion draws more money from endorsements than from tours. Even when his tennis form took a hit his looks and body didn’t. It is doubtful you will get a list of sexiest or hottest sportsmen and not have Andy in it. Whoever said that tennis is not a favorite sport with women may not have factored Andy Roddick into the equation.


Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal in 2006
By lexi1960imFlickr: 50465-rafael_nadal, CC BY 2.0,

At number six on the list is this Spaniard that is definitely on top of his game and appears to be edging his rivalry with Roger Federer. Other than being a superb athlete Nadal is also blessed with a body to die for. Be it his dusty good looks, forceful nature on the tennis court, humble and gentle manner, he has his game in order. Indeed watching Nadal in full-flight on a tennis court is a joy to behold. But the greatest attribute of this Spanish one man Amanda is his ‘niceness’ that makes him one of the gentlemen of sports. The fact that he is also not daft at his game adds to his appeal and beefs up his well-stocked fan base.


  1. David Beckham looks good but as soon as he opens his mouth it’s a huge turn-off. His voice is girly, and his accent sounds like a nineteenth-century chimney sweep.


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