Deciding on the perfect resolution with which to begin the new year is as much a part of Christmas as gaining 10 pounds and arguing with the in-laws to tens of millions of people the world over. The season of joy and good never fails to bring about some of the most wonderful dreams and aspirations for the year ahead, though it has to be said that once the Christmas spirit subsides and the January hangover kicks in, it may prove that our good intentions have written checks our constitution cannot match. Sad but true. The good news is you and I won’t be alone. The following list is a compilation of the most popular new year’s resolution that seldom last further than January 2nd…


Find a better job

Job Search
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As soon as the office closes for Christmas, millions of us immediately make the vow that this will be our last year working for such a soulless corporatio. As soon as January begins, all focus will be on job hunting! Sadly, this is all too easy to say when relaxing at home and thinking of the joy of moving elsewhere, but once the 40 hour weeks sets back in, finding time to realistically look for a new job hits home. Doing so is not impossible, but requires a level of time and effort that so many of us assume that we will have when the New Year hits. Only to find out we do not when that time comes. Or so we would have ourselves believe.


Work harder in current job

Work Hard And Good Things Will Happen
photo: By vagueonthehow from Tadcaster, York, England (DSC04071) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

An almost identical sentiment to the above example, the next best thing to finding a new job is moving up the scale in the current job. Which should be infinitely easier, right? December becomes filled with intentions to put in longer hours, offer more dedication and show ambition like never before; all of which immediately falls flat on day one. That’s right about when it becomes apparent just how much extra work would be involved in the process.


Make Home Improvements

Home improvements
photo by Alan Cleaver [CC BY 2.0], via Flickr

Spending abundant time home during Christmas is quite normal. It gives families the ideal opportunity to pick fault with their own work and decorative touches, deciding on exactly how many improvements will be made to create a truly superb homestead. Beginning next year, of course. In reality, this is a key example of an aspiration that always seems to be better if delayed until next month, inevitably meaning it will likely be next Christmas before everyone once again gives the idea any realistic thought.


Finally joining the gym!

Join the gym
Personal Training at a Gym – Cable Crossover” by – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons.

It wouldn’t be Christmas if we didn’t let our health standards slide a degree by diving face-first into a mountain of cholesterol and a myriad of other harmful naties associated with rich living. As soon as January rolls around we are fully intent on renewing our lapsed gym membership and putting right all of the wrong done over the holiday season. But will we really? Chances are we won’t. And that’s because January also brings the return to work and endless hideous weather, making it so much nicer to just stay indoors and decide to slightly cut back on the desserts instead.


Mend ties with family and friends

Mending Ties With Friends
Tying friendship bracelet” by Satbir SinghFlickr. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Commons.

This is a particularly prevalent resolution for those of us prone to fights and arguments over the Christmas period, as once the dust has settled and clarity has returned it seems only fair to go about mending ties and rebuilding bridges previously burnt for whatever the reason. In reality however, once the 9 to 5 grind sets back in, it suddenly becomes apparent that there are thousands of more “important” issues to attend to than attempting to reconcile with a person for whom our feelings may be mixed at best.

Besides, the rift was their fault in the first place, wasn’t it?


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