A real Don Juan type

Hitler & The Ladies
Hitler & The Ladies

There were a number of ladies — one of his nieces included — that didn’t much mind the little mustache. These women all shared one other passion, aside from his mo: suicide, or at the very least a romancing of death. His first girlfriend committed suicide; his last attempted it twice before finally fulfilling the dream in 1945 with her lover in her arms. In between, the stories are no different. The man really had an effect on women! A real Don Juan type.


He liked being kicked

The enigma of Hitler, Salvador Dali Painting
Salvador Dali , The enigma of Hitler (1939)

What these women got from him sexually is another question. Perhaps it would be better to say “what he got from them.” Psychological assessments of Hitler, undertaken in his lifetime, concluded that he probably adored being urinated and defecated on. In fact, any sexual report regarding the man, be it psychological or a recount, suggests that he was rather strange in the sack. For example, he supposedly begged to be kicked repeatedly by one woman and is said to have had his guards videotape the torture of Jewish people for his own home-viewing pleasure.


Afraid of blades

Hitler Shaving
photo: spencerrabin.blogspot.com

If it is true that he liked to be dominated, then this next Hitler quirk is a very curious counterpart: he was afraid of blades in other people’s hands to the point of feeling terrified during haircuts. This must stem from paranoia that many people wanted to take his life (which they did). For the same reason, he always shaved himself, just in case. It’s really another exhibition of his weakness — apparent by simply looking at his frame — but it really is wonderful to imagine Hitler screaming on the barber’s chair as if he were at the dentist.


Hitler was a vegetarian

By: Tibi Tibi Neuspiel, a toast artist
By: Tibi Tibi Neuspiel

If you’ve invited Hitler for dinner it might be good to ask whether he has any special dietary requirements. He does; Hitler was a vegetarian. It would then be an opportune time to ask yourself what you’re doing inviting a genocidal lunatic into your house, onto your table, to eat off of your forks.

Chances are, he’s not interested in joining you for the Hare Krishna hiking weekend, but he did see (after Richard Wagner) vegetarianism as bridging a spiritual divide. Supposedly, he saw the future of Germany as vegetarian — a long way from the knockwurst we know and love.


Hitler invented the concept of blow-up dolls

Hitler's Exploding Dolls - Parody / Funny Image
photo: hnldesign.nl

Don’t hold your breath. You’re not going to guess this one. In order to avoid the situation of his soldiers, who have the same needs as anybody else, sleeping with one another (in which case they would have to be executed) or sleeping with the locals of regions they visited (and potentially procreating with Jews and being executed for that), Hitler came up with yet another brilliant idea: the blow-up doll. You know that breath you’re not holding? It suddenly has somewhere else to be. Complete the job without the complete set! Don’t screw the system, screw this plastic thing instead! However the proposal was constructed, I’m sure it would have been — if recorded — one of the funniest moments in history.


  1. Hitler was never vegetarian. This is a common error made but various biographers including those who knew the dictator knew he was fond to Bavarian sausages, game pie and even the odd stuffed pigeon!

    • Let me guess – you’re a Commietarian… uh… vegetarian, right? And it upsets you that Hitler was too? Yes, if you check Wikipedia, known for their left-of-center bias (so if anything they’d agree with you), the evidence clearly shows that Hitler, at least during the WW2 time-frame (the last few years of his life) was an ardent vegetarian.

      But keep dreaming if that makes you feel better.

    • Hitler became a vegetarian towards the end of his life. He was not a life-long vegetarian, and he was not terribly strict about it (he occasionally ate caviar or a slice of ham).

    • Plenty of pics of him hoarking down meat. But he would shame others when they ate meat. It was all about control & appearing to be in control.

    • I know MANY people who SAY they are vegetarians, but say “I only eat fish and chicken”. This is NOT a vegetarian, but oh, well …. Christians lie, and many others who take an oath recend said oath.

      Hitler became a TRUE vegetarian after seeing an autopsy. But as the people I know do – he *could* have eaten some meat along the way.

  2. Everyone always talks about Hitlers mustache but no one realizes that Hitler didn’t like his toothbrush( yes that is what they called it) mustache, he loved his ‘Kaiser’ mustache but he was ordered during WW1 by his superiors to shave off his huge Kaiser ‘stache and wear toothbrush ‘stach so the gas masks that they wore would fit better, Hitler kept the toothbrush ‘style after the war to constantly remind people that he was a soldier in the trenches during WW1 and was the victim of a gas attack by the allies during the ‘great’ war, he was actually blinded for several weeks at the end of the war and was in a hospital recovering from the gas attack when the war ended.

    Another odd thing about Hitler was he was somewhat of an animal rights activist and despised people who mistreated animals, I think he always had a German shepherd named Blondie with him everywhere he went.

    • If you look at photos of WW1 soldiers you will see lots of pictures of Germans full moustaches, the toothbrush moustache was simply a style of the time, look up Rudolf Berthold, a German pilot who sports the same moustache, and he never had to wear a gas mask.

      Furthermore, pictures of Hitler in WW1 show him with a full moustache.

  3. Hitler, a vegetarian ? He may have been, but it is also known that he liked cream puffs, and ate them constantly. As for as him being a real Don Juan type, I have my doubts about that.

    Historically, on record anyway, he didn’t have but a couple of relationships with women, and one of them he was related to which you mentioned, and he forced her to do sexual acts according to the info I found and forced her to stay hidden away from the general public, which is why she committed suicide. He probably paid off his last and only mistress, for political reasons. And it was never a fact he even married her, it was only said that he did in his and hers last days in an underground bunker. He may have been a seducer of women, but I doubt he got much.

  4. These facts are interesting in a fun kind of way, however, some of them really need an explanation. When Hitler was put on the cover of TIME it was because he had brought Germany back from the brink of a civil war to a major industrial power in a matter of two decades. If he had stopped there and not pushed into neighboring countries, he would have gone down in history as one of the best leaders the world had ever seen.

    He wasn’t a player either. He was a man with power who had a few relationships and lovers. Hell, I probably had more one night stands than Hitler.

    Hitler was the embodiment of the super politician. He contradicted himself so much that no two biographies on the man are the same. I don’t know how much of these facts I believe or not, but the ones I know to be true are that he was a school dropout, he was an artist, he was on the cover of TIME, he had insomnia, and he was afraid of blades (mainly because he never knew who was out to get him).

    • I forgot to mention that in the last three years of his life Hitler did become a vegetarian. It wasn’t really because he loved the animals so much, but rather because he was suffering from ailments and he thought a vegetarian diet could help him rid of these.

  5. As usual, lies everywhere. He was no doubt a very conservative man with good personality. He was a man of discipline and honour.

    • So? Don’t worry about it too much, anyone with more than half a brain should be able to see that this is nonsense and who he really was

  6. A regular man with odd peculiarities and who became evil in the course of his life. Most of these are half-truths, meaning the basic is true but a lot of the explanation and such is not. Hitler was not a Don Juan nor did he invent blow up dolls. I’m not sure if it was even the first instance of blow up dolls, but Heinrich Himmler instituted in the SS blow up dolls as a substitute for prostitutes. Sex with Untermensch was one fear, but so was the venereal disease. I don’t think Hitler had anything to do with it.

  7. This whole list is highly suspect. The videotape wasn’t invented until 1951 — 6 years after Hitler’s suicide! And even then it wasn’t available for home use for almost 20 years after that! Epic fail, Alistgator.

    • Don’t take the word ‘videotape’ literally. No doubt the author meant ‘film’ which… PG, you’ve probably seen FILMS of Hitler’s speeches from school. But, hey… at least, you know when videotape was invented. And isn’t that the important part?

  8. He was a vegetarian. It was proven that by the end of the Holocaust he became one but he was not a dedicated vegetarian he sometimes ate a slab of ham or sometimes some steak.

  9. Yes, Hitler was a vegetarian.
    Yes, Hitler had a magnetic effect on many women, even though he was not good looking. According to the women, it was mostly his *eyes* that grabbed their attention. Geli Raubal committed suicide when she couldn’t be with him more and Eva Braun voluntarily died with him. Magda Goebbels was also known to be devoted to Hitler and always said she wished her 6 children could have been by him.
    No, Hitler was not known to be masochistic or any of the other bizarre things alleged in #4. That’s claptrap from an American during the war who *never* examined Hitler personally. In fact, when you read his alleged psychological profile of Hitler, it’s clear that he’s projecting how own fixations rather than actually analyzing Hitler.

  10. You are all sheep. Just keep sucking up that Allied propaganda. You dig as deep as gets you what you wanna hear an stop. Let me say this. Why is it illegal in certain Zionist states in Europe illegal to even question the Jewish account of the Holocaust? Because on my experience truth dies not fear investigation, lies do. So shut up with your cocaine addiction, queer, insane, was weak minded cried himself to bed crap. The man was a f*****g God. You lemmings are just lucky that he decided to go ahead with Barbarossa.

  11. So what? None of these things are a shock, surprising, unknown or that far from the ordinary. What would really be interesting would be to know more about his unusual genitalia, like how he got the name Adolf barring some resemblance of male ones at birth, and whether his flatulence and stomach problems were ever so bad that he pooped himself as an adult. Maybe that’s part of why he killed himself in 1945?

  12. This is a creepy, yet interesting fact about my step-sisters mom and dad: one of them was born on Hitler’s birthday and one was born on Hitler’s death date!!!

  13. There are a few more odd facts about Hitler. But there’s one in particular that gets on my nerves. Supposedly, Hitler and his wife Eva Braun, committed suicide the day after they got married. Hitler died of a shot to the head, and his wife died from cyanide poisoning. But there are plenty of theories that say otherwise, and Hitler and his wife may have faked their deaths, and replaced their positions with duplicates of them, whether they were hired as lookalikes or doppelgängers. Thought it was thought that Hitler had a friend who looked so much like himself, and ordered protection for him. There were theories of Hitler and Eva’s whereabouts, and it’s been thought that they’d escaped to either Brazil, Argentina or the US. They may have escaped on one of the U-boats, as one was reported missing for two months right after the ‘suicide’. I personally believe there could be a chance of Hitler and his wife faking their own deaths, as apparently Hitler was afraid of pain and suffering, and asked one of his friends how to die a painless death if they ever came to that conclusion.

  14. You forgot the strangest thing of all: Hitler had IBS and made poo-poo in his pants numerous times throughout his life! (I’m sure he stunk terribly when it happened.) He even did it multiple times daily, for 2 weeks when he had dysentery in 1941 and was bedridden, which affected Operation Barbarossa. Most people haven’t pooped their pants since they were quite small, or at least I haven’t (knock on wood), and the combination of that with his other eccentricities makes him the least normal man in history, bar none!!!

  15. Sure Hitler did some absolutely terrible things and he may have been a little out there but I honestly think some of these “facts” stem from allied propaganda to make Hitler out to be less than human.

  16. I have heard the same thing and that Hitler had faked his death. Why would he kill his self if he was scared of pain. There are theories that him and his wife Eva had friends that looked so much like them fake their deaths, but there are also theories that they killed their selves. If only we could go back and get DNA samples of the bodies. In the end its about what you believe, and ima let you make that decision.

  17. The Borghild Project was a hoax purported to be evidence for a German project during World War II aimed at combating the spread of syphilis among Nazi troops by supplying soldiers with sex dolls. Adolf Hitler supposedly approved the project to distribute inflatable sex dolls to his soldiers, which could be transported in their backpacks in order to give them an option to avoid places of prostitution in Paris. After years of being considered a real project, the lack of evidence supporting its existence led to it being deemed a hoax in the early 2000s, for various reasons.

  18. It has gotten ridiculous, these types of articles. Rather than just giving you factual information they always have to wrap it in innuendo. Please, give us a break. We can draw our own conclusions about the man. It is unprofessional and, in fact, infantile to debase him in practically every sentence. As Sergeant Friday used to say, “just the facts, ma’am.”


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