Christmas is of course known to bring around a great many things to the people of the world. However, one of the slightly less documented is the veritable compendium of ridiculous reasons poor souls find themselves in the emergency room as a result of festive catastrophes. Of course, few would argue that there is a better time of the year to really let your hair down and throw caution to the wind. But it has to be said that doing so does not come without its consequences. Don’t believe us? This list proves it rather conclusively…

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Party Games Gone wrong

Party Games Can Go Wrong
Beer Pong

What could be more harmless than a little family fun around the Christmas tree while waiting for dinner to arrive and enjoying the odd tipple or two? Well, quite a lot it would seem. Accident & Emergency Departments have become inundated with individuals finding their own games. And also due to antics not ending exactly how they must have been planned. Indeed, of all examples, it has always been those involving party-goers spinning around relentlessly for others to enjoy their comical dizziness who have found themselves on the receiving end of some rather painful and often sharp life lessons.


Office pranks gone wrong

Classic Office Prank - Photocopy Her Bottom

This is the season to do all those things that you would never normally consider in a working environment in a thousand years. Or at least so goes the logic of thousands each year. In essence, if you’d never normally do it then there’s probably a good reason for that! Just ask the lady who recently showed up in the back of an enormous van to a British A&E department. She was just attempting to photocopy a part of her body that would usually be kept private. Why not, right? Well, the glass broke and the machine embedded itself rather deeply and painfully into her bottom. Whoops!


Falling decorations

Broken Christmas Ornament
It happens!

Rather inevitable (to say the least) and as much a danger on the High Street as in the home itself. Believe it or not, hundreds of people are admitted to emergency rooms every year due to an array of weird and wonderful decorative objects falling on their heads. Sadly, the only realistic way of avoiding this would be to spend the entire festive period walking around wearing a hardhat. Which does not exactly scream Christmas spirit.


Swallowed objects and/or decorations

Swallowed Christmas Decorations
Don’t know how that got in there!

Christmas decorations and ornaments seem to turn up anywhere and everywhere across the festive period. Including food and drink in an alarming number of cases. Thousands are admitted to hospital every year after consuming a myriad of items that should have remained well and truly outside the body. Which, although traumatic indeed for those involved, adds to a compendium of incredibly amusing X-Rays for hospital staff to chuckle over.


Allergic reactions

photo: John Ramspott / Flickr / Creative Commons
photo: John Ramspott / Flickr / Creative Commons

There is quite simply no time like Christmas to find out you’re allergic to something in a rather severe way and spend the evening recovering in ER. At Christmas, we all gladly eat, drink and wear things that under normal circumstances we would not consider touching with the proverbial bargepole. Regrettably, that results in thousands finding out they have underlying allergies they never even knew existed. From perfumes to puddings, it is quite surprising just how dangerous the most innocent of offerings can be to some.


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